Billie Ann’s Diner

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In early 2021 Billie Ann Graham, a tenured waitress who worked at a diner for over 9 years in Cecil, PA, saw an opportunity to purchase the business she had grown to adore. Seeing an opportunity and running with it, Billie Ann’s Diner yielded instant success. People from all over the area absolutely flock to this establishment. Let us see why this is such a sought-out destination.

The vision – It all starts with Billie Ann’s Diner’s amazing team. They have a fully staffed team that aims to give you a delicious, satisfying meal in the most welcoming and cozy atmosphere. They have a head chef, Kenny Fuchs, who starts his day 2 hours before the rest of the staff arrives preparing delectable, fresh homemade Breakfast and Lunch items. Before the grand opening, the diner also underwent renovations to upgrade their front dining room to give it a more modern look.

Breakfast – Billie Ann’s Diner is known for their French toast. The regulars all boast that it just tastes different! It starts with thick cut Italian bread which soaks up the real butter, real milk, and fresh eggs. The result is mouth watering comfort food like you used to get at grandmas!

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits – People come to Billie Ann’s Diner just for this dish! It features 3-inch fluffy buttermilk biscuits and Southern sausage gravy which are both homemade fresh from scratch. You can get a half or whole order.

Country Scrambles – I am huge fan of Breakfast scrambles, it combines all kind of goodness together, and I recommend topping it with your favorite sauce! The Country Scramble is a combination of eggs, cheese, peppers, potatoes, and onions with your choice of either ham, bacon, sausage, hot sausage, or kielbasa.

Omelettes – There are a number of different Omelette options to choose from. Choices include cheese, western, ham & cheese, bacon & cheese, veggie & cheese, mushroom & cheese. For a small upcharge, you can add home fries or hashbrowns.

Other Breakfast items – Looking for the kitchen sink? Go with the Gut Buster, which is three eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, home fries, and toast. You can also get pancakes, English muffins, and more!

Lunch – Their Reuben sandwich is one of their best sellers. It is comfort food at its finest featuring layers of corned beef piled high. A unique feature is you get the option of choosing either sauerkraut or coleslaw. Other sought out classics are the hot roast beef with mashed potatoes or hand cut fries and Meatloaf served with mashed potatoes.

Burgers and sandwiches – If you want something massive and unique you cannot go wrong with the Frank-N- Burger. It is a 6-ounce burger patty with American cheese, grilled hotdog, another 6-ounce burger patty, bacon, fried onions, and more cheese! Their fish sandwich offers a 10-ounce generous portion of Cod which is breaded and housed on a kaiser roll. You can also get a club sandwich, BLT, grilled cheese, and more!

Oven baked subs – The Philly sub gives you the choice of either black angus roast beef or chicken, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and provolone. Other options include the crispy chicken sub, Italian sub, kielbasa & kraut, or hot sausage & mozzarella.

Desserts – Diners are known for their desserts; Billie Ann’s is no different! Dessert items include jumbo Texas size muffins, cake, pie, and slice of cake or pie A-la-mode where you can add a scoop of ice cream. The fresh home baked goods change weekly and daily so you get different varieties of dessert options!

Other menu items – Billy Ann’s Diner also has delicious salads, soups, chili, sides, kid’s menu items, and more!

Presence in community/Cecil Township Fall Festival – Billy Ann’s Diner is a proud sponsor of the annual Cecil Township Fall Festival. They also are a food vendor and offer a condensed menu of their breakfast and lunch items.

My Final Take

In my opinion, there is no substitute for human interaction. Technology has helped us in so many ways and made our lives easier. People, however, are what is most important. Bille Ann’s Diner not only has mouthwatering comfort food, but their owner and staff will make you feel like family during your meal. When you are here, not only are you going to get great food, but you are likely to share in enjoyable conversation and meet new people. Famous chef and Gordon Ramsay’s mentor was quoted as saying, “perfection is a lot of little things, done right.” From the head chef’s long hours of preparing the food, the staff’s friendly smiles and incredible work ethic, and the owner leading by example, even though perfection can never be achieved, Billie Ann’s Diner works everyday for their pursuit of perfection! Get on the bandwagon, give this place a try!

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