Pig & Fire House of Barbecue

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What makes barbecue so intriguing? Many may argue that there is something magical about cooking meat over a live fire. Good barbecue is a balance between science and trial and error using your natural gut instinct. It is like anything else in life, hard work pays off, what you put into something is what you get out of it. With these principles in mind Matt and Susanne Sager opened Pig & Fire House of Barbecue in Washington, Pennsylvania. Situated in a historic mansion, this place not only has delicious barbecue, but an incredible ambience as well. Let us explore why many are calling this one of the best restaurants in Washington County!

The atmosphere – Pig & Fire House of Barbecue is located in an historic mansion. There are numerous rooms throughout the mansion that serve as dining rooms with plenty of seating. There is also a room with a bar inside, an outdoor patio, and a separate, covered outdoor pavilion with an additional bar and more outdoor seating. You can also book a private event.

The Wood Fired Pit – Barbecuing delicious meats takes time. Chef Kevin Castellucci fires up the wood-fired pit in the early morning hours. Like many of the champion pitmasters, Pig & Fire house of Barbecue uses cherrywood which gives a unique flavor and imparts a bright pink smoke ring on chicken, brisket, and pork shoulder. The rubs and barbecue sauces are all made in-house.

Appetizers – The appetizer list is extensive. Elevate your typical nacho appetizer and go with the Pig & Chips which features house cut chips, pulled pork, smoked gouda cheese sauce, and Pico de Gallo. The pit-fired cherrywood smoked whole wings are salt brined for tenderness, smoked, and thrown in the deep fryer to get that nice crunch. Sauces include Alabama white sauce, smoke shed dry rub, or buffalo. Check their menu for the full appetizer list.

Sandwiches – The “high on the hog” has pulled baby back ribs, Amish cheese curds, house gravy, and fresh cut fries. The Cajun Andouille Grinder highlights smoked beef and pork sausage, beer cheese, and sauteed peppers and onions.

Fire-Pit Platters/Fire-Pit Ribs – One of the keys to good barbecue is to cook down the collagens and fats low and slow so that it almost turns to gelatin which is what produces the tenderness. Good, barbecued meat should be tender, juicy, generate good fat render, and have nice bark. Pig & and Fire House of Barbecue nails all these elements.

Fire-Pit Platters – You can get by itself either a half pound of pulled chicken, pulled pork, BBQ beef brisket, or house smoked turkey which includes one side. If you want to encompass almost everything, go with the “Swine Platter”. You get a choice of 3 options, either ¼ rack of baby back or St. Louis ribs, ¼ pound of pulled pork, ¼ pound of beef brisket, one andouille sausage, one jalapeno cheddar, ¼ pound of pulled chicken, or ¼ pound of smoked turkey. It is served with two sides.

Fire-Pit Ribs – The ribs are smoked until tender and until the rib meat starts pulling away from the bone. They are seasoned with house made rubs and they use a mixture of Texas and Carolina barbecue techniques. You can get either St. Louis or baby back ribs.

House Barbecue Sauces – Choices include “Texas style” (ketchup and cumin), savory Savannah peach (sweet and spicy), and Carolina hog sauce (vinegar and tangy).

Other menu items – Pig & Fire House of Barbecue also has delicious soups such as spicy Cajun gumbo and loaded baked potato soup. Their cornbread is made from scratch and may be the best cornbread you have ever tasted. They also have loaded mac “n” cheese, salads, and a kid’s menu.

Craft Beer Paradise – Pig & Fire House of Barbecue takes immense pride in being a craft beer destination. What better way to complement delicious barbecue than with a craft beer! They have draughts, Europeans beers, craft American ales, and also domestic beers. All the craft beers are hand selected and meet certain criteria. If the craft beer does not meet certain specifications, it does not go on the menu and is not served! Check out their menu on the website for a full list!

Promoting local business’s – Pig & Fire House of Barbecue, when at all possible, purchases their products from local business’s. They purchase their hoagie rolls from Valdiserri’s Bakery and their buns from Mancini’s bakery. They take great pride in this aspect of their business!

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My Final Take

Having had the opportunity to tour the mansion, the kitchen, and the Fire-Pit/Smokehouse, this place is top notch through and through. After speaking with the owners, touring the facility, and tasting the food, the attention to detail that goes into everything at this restaurant is impressive! It is no secret that many people are calling this one of the best restaurants in Washington county. It has an incredible ambience too! If you have not been to Pig & Fire House of Barbecue, add it to your list! Do I ever lead you astray?

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