Blackout Burger Bar

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What makes someone or something excellent? One can work hard, earn a lot of money, and win a bunch of awards, but that does not necessarily mean that you are creating something with passion that is truly fulfilling. If you want to achieve greatness, you need to have a vision, use your gifts, and be willing to give more than you receive. The universe reciprocates, if you give from the goodness of your heart, it comes back full circle. Owner of Blackout Burger Bar, Eric Lindh, understands these concepts and has people coming from all over the Western Pennsylvania area to try their handcrafted gourmet burgers, smoked wings, and hand spun milkshakes. Let us take a further look!

The kitchen – This is where the magic happens behind the scenes! The owner was nice enough to take me on a tour and at first notice, it is exceptionally clean and organized. The open flame grill can reach extremely high heat which puts that great sear on their gourmet burgers. They also have an industrial grade smoker that you do not just find at your average everyday barbecue. Also, it is the little things that I notice that I can tell a restaurant is serious about their food. Blackout Burger carries Smoked Paprika, which is more expensive than standard paprika. This gives food an incredible flavor pop.

Burgers – The key to their delicious burgers is in the blend of meats. The burger patty is a blend of chuck, ribeye, and brisket. The key to most meats is making sure it does not dry out. This blend gives you enough fat to keep the burger juicy. When you bite into the burger, the juice just pours out. Let us go through some of their top sellers.

Bacon Jam Burger – Most people love bacon! Blackout Burger makes their own bacon by curing the Pork Belly with salt and other ingredients and then smoking it. This burger consists of pepper-crusted beef, house-cured bacon, bacon aioli, bacon jam, smoked provolone, and is topped with iceberg lettuce, tomato, and housed on a brioche bun.

The Ranging Roaming Bison Burger – This burger features house seasoned bison, sharp cheddar cheese, new Mexican green chili relish, red onion, and tomato served on a brioche bun.

Build your own Blackout Burger – I absolutely love when restaurants offer you the option to create your own burger, it is fun! Start out and pick your burger patty which includes house blended beef, all-natural chicken or bison, veggie, or fresh crab burger. Next, choose your dry rub which includes house rub, jerk rub, BBQ rub, Cajun seasoning, onion seasoning, or cracked black pepper. Pick your bun and choose from a plethora of topping options. I am not going to go through them all, however, some notables are fried egg, bacon jam, colossal onion ring (captioned), house smoked bacon, ham off the bone, and guacamole. Get a little creative with cheeses such as horseradish cheddar, smoked gouda, and Tillamook cheddar. Finally, finish it with your favorite house made sauce such as blackout sauce, buffalo, Thai Chili Garlic, and roasted garlic mayo to name a few. It is served with a whopping half pound of fries, or you can choose another side.

Other menu items – Blackout burger has appetizers such as Colossal Onion Rings (captioned), which are hand breaded served with Blackout Sauce and chipotle horseradish. The House Smoked Wings (captioned) are smoked to perfection and include sauces such as buffalo, garlic parmesan, and honey habanero to name a few. Blackout Burger also has Truffle and Pulled Pork French fries and loaded nachos. They also have delicious soups, salads, and other sandwiches.

Milk Shakes, beverages, and cocktails – In the mood for a Milkshake? Try one of their hand-spun milkshakes that are made with house-turned vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream. They also have a vast selection of craft beer and cocktails.

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My Final Take

The bottom line is Blackout Burger Bar’s owner and staff takes a genuine interest in giving their customers the ultimate hospitality experience. Their enthusiasm filters throughout the restaurant, and they will give you excellent customer service. Those that are regulars know this place is a hidden gem, and if you have not tried it yet, you are missing out! Next time you are on Interstate 79 and see signs for the Outlet Mall, Grove City, or Mercer, give this place a try, it is right off the exit!

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