Dad’s Pub & Grub

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The owner’s vision was to create a neighborhood hangout. They wanted to serve the food and beer of their choosing and hang out with great people.

The food – Appetizers that caught my interest, “Dad’s Fireballs” which are fried pepper jack cheese served with honey mustard dipping sauce. The “Fried Pretzel Sticks” are brushed with butter, lightly salted, and served with cheese, and finished with yellow, brown, or honey mustard.

Dad’s is known for their tasty burgers and hot dogs. Two hamburgers of interest, the “Big E” features a Cajun seasoned burger patty, a mix of peppers, and pepper jack cheese, and is topped with spicy ranch. The “Yinzer Burger” is topped with bacon, shredded cheese, and mac & cheese. The hot dogs are all beef and served on a poppy seed bun. The “Chicago” hot dog is topped with onion, relish, tomato, pickle, sport peppers, yellow mustard, and celery salt. The “Yinzer” has two strips of bacon and homemade mac and cheese, bacon makes most things taste better.

Other menu items – Dad’s also has delicious mac & cheese, sandwiches, pizza, wings, soups, salads, and quesadillas.

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My Final Take

This place is generating a lot of talk in the eastern region of steel town. I have done enough research to give it my recommendation!

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