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When any type of Mexican food item comes up in conversation, it sparks most people’s interest. Let us dig deeper and explore why this type of food sparks so much excitement. First items first is appearance, ever hear celebrity chefs talk about how the importance of presentation is just as important as how the dish taste? Mexican cuisine typically has eye-striking, vibrant colors that catch one’s attention. Chances are if something looks appealing, most people are going to want to dive in and try it. Mexican food is also loaded with many unique ingredients and spices that truly makes it unique. Some of the most popular being garlic, onions, cilantro, oregano, cumin, and chilies. Corn, which is typically a bland ingredient, is used in so many ways when it comes to Mexican cooking. Corn is ground up and processed into items such as tortillas, chips, taco shells, quesadillas, and much more. With these aspects in mind, let us look at the Franklin Inn, which is nestled in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, and see why the locals are raving about all the creative dishes they are serving up to their loyal customer base.

The chef – Franklin Inn takes the term “authentic” and runs with it by hiring a chef originally from Los Lorenzos, Guanajuato, which is located in southcentral Mexico. Mexican cuisine is unique because it represents diversity. In Mexico, the cooking styles and combinations of ingredients are different depending on what geographic area of the country you are in. Having a chef native to Mexico means he understands the culture and ingredients while incorporating his own creativity into the dishes.

Start off with an appetizer – Chips, nachos, salsa, guacamole are traditional appetizers and are delicious which Franklin Inn serves but let us look more into appetizers that take it to the next level. The Chef Nemorio’s Fish Sandwich features hand-breaded cod, spicy mayo, and a special blend of house-made sauces and seasonings. The Mahi Mahi Tacos features a grilled Mahi Mahi, Agave slaw, lettuce, Pico de Gallo, served on a fresh tortilla and finished with lime which goes great on seafood to balance out the dish. The Seafood Enchiladas gives you crab and baby shrimp and are finished with cheddar dill sauce and Pico de Gallo served on a flour tortilla. You can get creative to say the least right off the bat with their appetizer selections.

The enchiladas – What separates the enchiladas at the Franklin Inn is the made from scratch, house-made chili sauce. If you are looking for some heat, try the Diablo Enchilada which features a spicy chile de arbol tomato sauce. Add some caramelized onions and your choice of pulled pork or chicken, and you have yourself a dish with has a spicy kick but is not too overwhelming. The Colorado Green Chile Enchilada features a green chile sauce, and the Lobster Enchiladas introduce a fire-roasted poblano caramelized onion cream sauce.

The tacos – When making a good taco, you need to make sure you are using a quality tortilla, a juicy and tender protein, and fresh vegetables. Finally, you need to bring all the flavors together with something acidic to give the taco balance. At Franklin Inn, they do this by giving you a variety of tacos to choose from. The street tacos have cilantro, cabbage, tomatillo salsa, Queso Fresco, and lime to give that much-needed balance. The Jalisco Tacos showcases roasted garlic crema, Agave slaw, Queso Fresco, and are finished with lime. If you want to keep it simple, the Tacos Americanos is your traditional taco featuring basic but flavorful ingredients.

Other menu items – Believe it or not, the locals all rave about the hot wings. They incorporate the two most important items when preparing wings, fresh never frozen chicken, and are deep-fried for an extended period to give them that crispy crunch. Franklin Inn’s are different in that the hot sauce is cooked on the wing, so it is not messy. They are hotter than most with plenty of kick, but just under the point where they are still bearable and delicious. The Chicken Fajitas (captioned) are simple but bursting with flavor. You can choose between steak, chicken, or shrimp, they provide ample amounts of green and bell peppers, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. They will also make a customized sauce to add to the fajita if you prefer. If you are trying to go healthy, the Jefa Salad has chopped lettuce and greens, diced tomato, green onions, and cheese with your choice of protein.

Finally – Franklin Inn prides itself on a wide selection of margaritas that pack a punch. They use fresh quality ingredients with quality tequila and have tons of variety. They offer traditional flavors such as house, strawberry, raspberry, or you can get a little creative and try their Jalapeno Mango or Patron Coconut. Finally, if you are looking for a dessert, the deep-fried churros pack an unbelievable amount of flavor to finish off your meal.

Franklin Inn Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability - Entrees $12.00 - $20.00 Appetizers $5.00 - $13.00
  • Ambiance


My final take – After your first time dining at the Franklin Inn, you will realize that it is truly a hidden gem. A husband and wife as owners who pour everything they have into the restaurant from the food to the ambience. A menu that after diving in, you realize they really do take Mexican cuisine to another level by the high-quality ingredients that they use and the diverse array of dishes. It is easy to see why the locals are raving that this is arguably one of the top Mexican Dining establishments in Steel Town. Stop by for a truly authentic and memorable dining experience.


  1. We feel especially blessed to call this place “ours” in Franklin Park! It’s the BEST neighborhood hang-out with the best food and drinks, and wonderful staff who treat you like family. ❤️

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