Giovanni’s Pizza & Pasta

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Pizza nowadays has become trendy. There are all kinds of fancy places you can get pizza with all kinds of presentations, crazy toppings, etc. This is great as it gives you more options, however, the fancier it is, the more you typically pay and the less you get. Simply ordering takeout from the right pizza place lets you enjoy substantial portions at a reasonable cost. Giovanni’s Pizza & Pasta is a go to for Pittsburghers that want delicious pizza and ample toppings.

Pizza – Owner Fethi Turan describes his pizza as upon first bite, your salvic enzymes are released and you notice a sweet zone of flavor. Next, the salty zone kicks in, and finally a level of spiciness or sourness. This may not make much sense, but the point is he takes very seriously the ingredients he uses and making sure that the pizza is super tasty.

Giovanni’s has your standard toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, roasted peppers, ham, black olives, onions, hot pepper rings, meatballs, salami, and tomatoes. Their specialty pizzas are where all the hype is generated. The Ultimate Chicken Pizza is a revelation, and you will be a fan favorite at a party or get together if you order this. It consists of spicy ranch sauce with provolone and mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken strips, and buffalo fries. Other specialty pizzas are the Meat Lovers, Spinach and Feta, Supreme, Veggie, and Ultimate Steak Pizza.

Other menu items – Giovanni’s also has appetizers, salads, wings, gyros, and pastas.

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My Final Take

I worked in the Strip District for nearly a decade, and this was always a go to for ordering copious quantities of pizzas for a big company. The pizza is full of flavor, consistent, and once again, the Ultimate Chicken Pizza will generate a ton of excitement!

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