Roland’s Seafood Grill

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Having spent nearly a decade in the Strip District working for EDMC (Education Management Corporation), I am dedicating this review to all the wonderful people that I had the pleasure of working with over the years. There is a good chance if are reading this article, you have worked or know someone that has worked for EDMC. Most will tell you; it was a wild ride! On this wild ride, you created friendships and bonds with people that truly made it enjoyable to come to work, despite at times the “zoo” of an atmosphere. In my position as a Student Finance Counselor, I bounced around to different Admission Teams frequently, which I thoroughly enjoyed because I got to interact with all kinds of people. After work was done a frequent happy hour spot and place to grab a bite was Roland’s Seafood Grill. So here you go former EDMC employees, this review is for you!

The atmosphere – Roland’s is located right in the heart of the Strip District on Penn Avenue. It has two levels, two bars, and outside seating is available on both levels. Most have made the venture by foot that worked at EDMC down Penn Avenue to Roland’s.

Appetizers – A few that caught my eye are the Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp. It features the aged, salty Italian ham wrapped around succulent shrimp. The Lobster Nachos have dice tomatoes, lettuce, and is topped with Queso. Who does not love Lobster Mac? It is delicious and oven baked to perfection.

Seafood – Pittsburgh is not typically known for its Seafood, and it can be hard to find fresh seafood. Roland’s has been pumping out their fresh seafood for over 60 years. They have Beer Battered Shrimp, Micro-Brewed Steamed Shrimp, Shellfish, Oysters, and Mussels. Try their famous Hot Lobster Roll which is sauteed in garlic butter and housed by a Mancini Roll. They even have a Seafood Stew which consist of shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, lobster, and potatoes in spicy broth. Want a safe pick, go with the Giant Beer-Battered Cod Fish Sandwich (captioned).

Other menu items – Roland’s also has salads, chowdahs (chowders), and wood fired pizzas.

  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Ambience

My Final Take

Talk to anyone from Pittsburgh, if you bring up the Strip District, chances are they know about Roland’s. They purchase their seafood, produce, and baked good through local businesses right in the Strip District. Next time you are strolling through the Strip District, stop by Roland’s for a drink or to grab a bite!

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