Thorn Hill Tap House

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As you travel through the countryside of the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania on route 79, you approach one of the busiest exits on the interstate, Wexford, Pennsylvania. Wexford is one of the most sought out places to live in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Metropolitan area. If you are hungry and want to grab a bite to eat, one of the first restaurants that greets you is the Thorn Hill Tap House. It is here you can get a high-quality meal without breaking the bank. Let us explore.

The basics – You have heard it time and time again, great tasing food starts with quality ingredients. Basically, you plant corn you get corn! Thorn Hill Tap House prepares everything they possibly can in-house. They use fresh and local ingredients and keep their menu simple to give you a delicious meal.

Appetizers/Chicken Wings – One of the feature items on the menu is Chicken Wings. The chicken is brined overnight in saltwater. There is a crunch unlike any other when you bite in, and the tenderness and flavor pour out. Finish it with a variety of sauces such as buffalo, barbecue, sweet chili, or honey garlic. Choose between ranch or blue cheese to dip. Other appetizer favorites include the brown sugar bacon, fried provolone, and Keystone Red Chili which is enough to share.

Burgers and sandwiches – Thorn Hill Tap House is known for their burgers. They use a blend of beef that includes chuck, brisket, and short rib. The blend has enough fat content to keep the burger juicy and from not shrinking once it is cooked. They are seared on the flat top to create a crust which equals flavor. The juice literally pours out of this delicious burger upon first bite. The Blue-Ribbon Burger (captioned) features two smashed beef patties, Russian sauce, lettuce, American cheese, pickles, sauteed onions, and tomato. They have other specialty burgers as well which are served with hand-cut fries.

Some of their signature sandwiches include the Pastrami Reuben, Fried Chicken, Italian, and the Cuban.

Other menu items – Thorn Hill Tap House serves salads that have fresh lettuce, not out of the bag. Create your own salad by adding grilled or crispy chicken or salmon. Some of their signature salads include the antipasto, southern chicken, and Norwegian salmon. Finish your meal with a dessert such as Leona’s Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich which includes 100% dairy ice cream which is lactose-free.

Thorn Hill Tap House Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability - Appetizers $6-$14 Burgers/Sandwiches $9-$16
  • Ambiance


My final take – With the cost of everything including food rising, people are looking to save money any way they can. The cost of going somewhere with a good ambience and fresh locally purchased ingredients food can be high. For having a great ambience and delicious food, a lot of which comes from local suppliers, Thorn Hill Tap House keeps the prices reasonable. It is also has a convenient location making it easy to get to. Located in the same building as Starbucks, you may not even know it is there. Give it a try!

Score rubric

  1. Taste and Flavor –

(1) Bland, no taste at all, under/overcooked/dry

(2) Edible, but below average, little to no spices, herbs, or seasonings, somewhat under/overcooked/dry

(3) Decent quality, spices/herbs/seasoning used. Not going to rave about the food but also not going to complain.

(4) Restaurant/dish lives up to reputation. Flavorful, it is clear spices/herbs, seasonings are used effectively. Dishes clearly thought out and well executed. What you would expect for your hard-earned dollar.

(5) Exceeds expectations. Not only are spices/herbs, and seasonings used to perfection, at this level, highest quality ingredients/meats used. Processes such as aging, brining, and marinating are used at this level. Food is cooked to perfection at this level and meat is unbelievably tender and juicy. You tell all your friends and family immediately about your food experience.


  1. Portion Size – How much food do you get, is there left-overs? 5s need to wow me.


  1. Affordability – Average cost of entrees and appetizers


  1. Ambience – The mood or feeling of the restaurant. Decorations, history, memorabilia, etc. Is it an atmosphere you could spend hours at?

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