Breezy’s Pizza

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Growing up in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, my grandfather always enjoyed picking up pizza. A World War II vet, he was tough, stern, and very opinionated in his decision-making. When it came to pizza, he had a very particular and rather unusual criteria. He wanted to see the pizza being made out in the open. He thought that making the pizza behind a wall or in the back was unacceptable. He believed that the customer should see all the ingredients that goes into making the pizza. Due to this philosophy, Breezy’s Pizza was undoubtedly his favorite. Let us explore, shall we?

Everything about Breezy’s says old-school. It is simple, square-cut pizza. The recipe and décor have seen little change over the past decades. The crust is thick, light, and homemade. The sauce is flavorful but does not overpower the pizza. What separates this pizza in my opinion is their sausage. I personally am not a sausage guy. I will choose pepperoni over sausage any day. However, their sausage is finely crumbled and has a light flavor that is exactly on point. Do not be afraid to order extra sausage, it is that good. When it comes to meats, texture is huge, and Breezy’s nails it.

The Breezy's Pizza Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability
  • Ambiance


My final take. The world is getting more complex by the day. It is nice to see places that keep it simple. Breezy’s has done this. Their recipe, setting, and people have seen little change. If you want a simple, solid piece of pizza, Breezy’s will deliver. If you are from the Aliquippa area, you probably know the owner’s son “Fluff”. He has done a great job running this establishment for quite some time. If he has not already reached legendary status, I am sure he is well on his way…

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