Famous Ray’s Deli

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If you are Italian, anytime you hear there is Prosciutto, Capocollo, or Soppressata around, it sparks your interest. These Italian meats are delicious because they are dry cured/aged which requires a lot of time and effort. Even though you are going to pay a pretty penny for these meats, most will say it is well worth it. Ray’s Deli in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania has these meats and more for very reasonable prices.

The key to dry-cured/aged Italian meats – Talk to your parents or grandparents and they will tell you, the key is simple, it is texture. These meats need to be sliced super thin because it brings out all the flavor. The meat can be extremely chewy if it is not sliced super thin. Even if you request it sliced thin, a lot of places will not slice it thin enough. Ray’s understands this concept, it is sliced super thin and has great texture.

IL Famoso Raimondo Signature Sandwich (Captioned) – It starts out with a fresh roll, and is highlighted by Prosciutto, Capocollo, and Soppressata as the base meats. The cheese has some added flair as they use an Italian Herb Mozzarella. Standard toppings include lettuce and tomato. Finally, roasted red peppers add the icing on the cake, making this an unforgettable Italian Sandwich for only $10.99 which is unheard of.

Ray’s also has multiples varieties of sandwiches to choose from. They feature Boar’s Head products, which are one of the staples of deli meats and cheeses. They have Broaster Express Chicken which is full of flavor at a very affordable price. To top it off for dessert, they have Oram’s Donuts, which have been voted best in Beaver County.

Famous Ray's Deli Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability
  • Ambiance


My final take. A deli is unique in that it lets you purchase specific meats and cheeses that you would not normally find on a typical restaurant menu. You can create a culinary masterpiece if you are okay with little ambience. However, there is something unique when entering a deli that gives you that hometown feel. Ray’s is no different, when you enter, you feel part of the community.

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