Brunton Dairy

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Now let us dive into this special edition review! This is a dairy farm that sells its products at the farm itself, and retail stores all over the greater Pittsburgh area.

The American farmer, they rise in the early hours of the morning to grow, raise, and harvest animals and crops that feed our society. Their blood, sweat, and unbelievable work ethic sets the foundation to create vital agricultural resources to fuel and keep our great nation running. Next time you go to the grocery store or get your milk delivered, remember, there is a story behind the product your about to purchase.

The story – If you’re from Beaver County, specifically the Hopewell/Racoon/Independence Township region, you know the rich history of the Brunton Dairy Farm. In 1962 milk processing began and was delivered to homes and sold to schools and retail stores. Fast forward to present day and there are over 60 retailers in the greater Pittsburgh area that carry their milk and dairy products. One of their signatures is their old fashioned, glass milk bottles that can be used hundreds of times!

Milk products – Brunton’s Dairy is famous for their chocolate milk. Once you taste it for the first time, you will never go back to any other brand of chocolate milk. The secret is the amount of cream that is used in their recipe. Beaver County legend has it that in the late 90s/early 2000s they had to cut back on the cream as it poured like thick, churning molasses. The amount of cream they use adds tons of flavor. Do not worry, they still use a ton of cream, they just had to cut back a bit. Why I am telling you this is because this is what separates their chocolate milk from the rest of the pack, it is that good! Brunton’s also offers whole milk, buttermilk, and sometimes even strawberry milk.

Other products – Brunton’s Dairy has diversified their product line and added items such as ice cream, ground beef, beef sticks/jerky, and other cuts of beef. They also carry various sausages such has breakfast and hot/sweet Italian. They even carry items such as bacon, honey, and Amish roll butter.

My Final Take

In the year 2022 it is easy to go to the store, purchase your groceries, and not even think twice about where they come from, or the process it took to manufacture them. Think about this, at around 4:00am or even earlier when you are sleeping in your warm, comfy bed, farmers such as the Brunton’s are waking up and milking the cows, maintaining the equipment, and performing all the other responsibilities of operating a dairy farm. Next time you see Brunton’s Dairy milk at a grocery or retail store, remember all the hard work that went into it!

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