Aliquippa Croation Center

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Now let us dive into this special edition review! This is a private social club that offers a Fish Fry for dine in or takeout on most Fridays throughout the year. Contact the Aliquippa Croatian Center for specific details.

Family, friends, and community. Nothing screams all three like a good old fashioned fish fry. Fish Fries bring people together. In the Pittsburgh metro, and throughout the country, especially during Lent, you can find them in churches, community centers, social clubs, etc. They raise money for worthy causes, nourish, and provide a great atmosphere to bring together family and friends.

Fish, in itself, is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. From its rich protein, high omega three fatty acids, and abundant sources of vitamin D, it is, arguably one of the healthiest foods one can eat. Sure, I know a lot of times it is fried, but most will tell you, it is quite a treat. The Aliquippa Croatian Center has been pumping out their famous fish on Fridays for years, not just during Lent. They use a special, batter dipped recipe. Let us look at why you should take a voyage to Aliquippa on Friday to try this amazing fish. It must be on your “to-do list.”  Let us take a further look.

First things first. Quality food comes from quality ingredients. A longtime friend and foreman in the Carpenters Union, local 432, Michael Runyon quoted, “When ordering fish, you should always look for cod.” I am not saying haddock or other types of fish are bad, but cod is the filet mignon of fish. It is the cleanest cut, pure white meat. The “Cro Club” uses a great cut of fish. They use their own batter-dipped secret recipe. It is crunchy, light, but intense with flavor. Fried to perfection, it is not too greasy, but very juicy. You get a generous size portion. For some, it may be two meals, and the fries are not bad either. You can get a fish dinner with sides for a reasonable price or keep it simple and get a fish sandwich with fries.

My Final Take

The bottom line is the “Cro Club” has been pumping out delicious fish for a very long time. If you are looking for a great fish fry at reasonable prices, you will not be disappointed. You cannot say enough about the quality people that volunteer their time to make the whole operation a success. It is ethnic clubs like these that maintains the strong cultural pride of the Steely City, especially in Beaver County. Bon Appetit!

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