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If you are from Beaver County or even the greater Pittsburgh area, you know how hard it can be to get your hands on a Oram’s donut. If you have never tried a Oram’s donut, a lot of their loyal customers will say once you try one, no other donut will ever compare. What is the mystery behind their mouthwatering flavor you ask? Yours truly puts on the monocle and investigates why these donuts are considered the cream of the crop!

The difference – What separates Oram’s donuts from the rest of the pack? First things first, Oram’s donuts are made the old-fashioned way with heavy concentration on quality and flavor. While a lot of competitors focus on providing a ton variety, Oram’s focuses on quality, while keeping the menu selection simple. A lot of people in Beaver County, often referred to as “America’s County” by legendary talk show host and TV personality Ellis Cannon, want to keep things the way they are with minimal change. Oram’s fits this narrative as they do not go along with the modern donut trends, they believe if it is not broke, do not fix it. Lastly, the sheer size of these donuts is huge. On average, their donuts are twice the size of an average donut. Let us break down their menu selection.

Famous Cinnamon Rolls (Best Seller) – The first thing you cannot help to notice is these cinnamon rolls are massive! This donut is shared by two by most of the time or saved for later. If you were to consume this whole donut in one sitting and you were to get bloodwork done the next day, there is a chance you your blood sugar levels would go through the roof. They are delicate, fluffy on the inside, and dusted in a cinnamon-sugary utopia.

Filled donuts – Oram’s is also famous for their cream filled donuts. They use the finest available ingredients, and an old-fashioned recipe they have used for decades. To top the donut off, it is slathered with your choice of chocolate or vanilla icing. Oram’s also has custard filled donuts which uses a Bavarian cream. You can also get strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and blueberry filling.

Other donut options – Oram’s also offers other donut options such as cake donuts available in vanilla, chocolate, blueberry glazed, and honey raisin glazed. Their “raised donuts” feature options such as glazed, sugar, and toasted coconut. They also have seasonal donuts and pastries such as cream puffs, cream horns, muffins, and chocolate gobs.

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My Final Take

Here is the deal, when something is regionally famous and unbelievably delicious, people are willing to travel extensive lengths to savor it. Kevin Colbert, Pittsburgh Steeler General Manager, makes the trek every year to Beaver Falls, PA the morning of the NFL Draft to purchase dozens of donuts and takes them up to the Steelers board room for the draft. There are stories of people traveling from as far as Akron, Ohio for only cinnamon rolls. Steeler fans also love to bring them to tailgates. What a better way to soak up the alcohol from the night before and give yourself a good base for another day of drinking? It is no secret why a lot of people say these donuts are simply the best!

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