Oakmont Bakery

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Nestled along the banks of the majestic Allegheny River lies the enchanting town of Oakmont, Pennsylvania. Oakmont has a thriving business district with plush canopies of trees that extend over the streets and sidewalks. It is a town that has a ton of personality and charming, friendly residents. In the heart Oakmont, Pennsylvania lies the Oakmont Bakery. It is one of the largest bakeries in America at around 12,500 square feet. It is here that Marc and Susan Serrao created their own version of the American Dream with a solid foundation of Christian beliefs. It all started in 1988 as a small quaint space. Fast forward to modern day and it is the most popular and recognized bakery in the greater Pittsburgh Area. Let us see why this place is so special.

Bagels – A key attribute of bagels is their ability to generate a subtle crackling sound when you take the first bite. You notice this when you take the first bite of an Oakmont Bakery bagel. The bagel selection is vast; however, some interesting selections are bacon and cheese, cranberry orange, hot pepper, pizza, and pumpernickel to name a few.

Breads – Oakmont Bakery prides itself on bread that is made from scratch and is prepared every morning hot out of the oven. An emphasis is placed on using the freshest ingredients. Some of the more popular selections are Italian, cranberry walnut, hot pepper, and pepperoni bread.

Cakes – If you are looking for a cake for any occasion try one of their many selections, especially any cake that has butter cream icing! You can take it up a notch by ordering a “Cake with an Attitude” which is loaded with toppings and will most certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. A few of the favorites are cookies and cream, cookie dough, smores, and strawberry pretzel.

Cookies and pastries – Upon entry, the number of cookies and pastries on display in incredible. There are cookies such as biscotti’s, butterball, butter-star, macaroons, peanut butter blossoms, and red-velvet to name a few. Who does not like items dipped in chocolate? Choose anything from buckeyes, cashews, strawberries, and truffles. In terms of pastries, Oakmont Bakery has brownies, cannoli’s, cream puffs, eclairs, lady locks, parfaits, and snowballs.

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My Final Take

Anytime you hear about the town of Oakmont, Pennsylvania, more times than not the Oakmont Bakery will be mentioned at some point of the conversation. If you have never been there, you may be surprised at the sheer size of the operation. The place is huge, and the counter is endless. For the high traffic that passes through, they are well staffed and have a system set up, so you do not wait exceedingly long at all to be waited on. It is no secret why Oakmont Bakery is the gold standard for bakeries in Western Pennsylvania.

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