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Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, gone are the days that the huge smokestacks of Apollo Iron and Steel Company spewed flames around the clock in the AK Valley, lighting the skies orange. However, the imprint that this hard-working, blue-collar history has left on this steel town is priceless. Money can buy you many things, but it cannot buy you life’s lesson. Hard work, respect, loyalty, and resiliency are characteristics that money cannot buy. As complex as life has become, you can find meaning and purpose in keeping it simple. G&G Restaurant has done this for 3 generations. They believe that hospitality, made from scratch food, and paying homage to their ancestors makes the world go round. Let us see why this small restaurant has gained so much respect in the greater Pittsburgh area for what seems like an eternity.

Breakfast – After speaking with some of the locals, they all say that breakfast is always packed at G&G Restaurant. Known for huge portions, this is a place you will not leave hungry. The Omelets are enormous and packed with flavor. Some favorites are the Philly Omelet which is packed with rich Philly Steak. Want a combination of meats? Go with the Meat Lover’s Omelet which is Ham, Bacon, and Sausage. Specialty items include Chicken Waffles which gives you a generous portion of 2 extra-large chicken planks topped with honey. If you are feeling a sweet tooth the Red Velvet Waffle will satisfy that craving. It features fresh strawberries, Sweet Cream Cheese, topped off with Whip Cream. It literally is breakfast and Desert in one. G&G is also known for its sizable Breakfast Sandwiches. The most striking is the Breakfast Hero. A fresh, hoagie bun creates the base for the mountain of toppings. This sandwich has 3 eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, and American cheese. If you are searching for protein, this specialty sandwich will not disappoint. G&G also has your traditional breakfast plates as well. Some say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, G&G will make sure your breakfast craving is satisfied!

Lunch/Dinner – G&G is known for making food fresh from scratch. They roast their own turkey and roast beef, which creates delicious bases for a lot of their menu items. As indicated before, this place is known for huge portions, meaning depending on your appetite, most leave with leftovers. The Philly Steak and Cheese (captioned) immediately will wow you with sheer size. It has fresh roast beef, finished with red and green peppers, and fried onions. Make it a platter for a small upcharge which includes fries and coleslaw. Enzo’s Grilled Meatloaf is just like grandma made it back in the glory days. G&G uses just the right amount of fat ratio in their ground beef which keeps it super juicy, but not too greasy as well. Finish it with some homemade gravy, this has comfort food written all over it. The Vanderburger features a pound of this fresh, ground beef if you are feeling super hungry. Other favorites are the wraps, poultry items which includes the house-roasted Turkey Bacon Cheddar. The 12-ounce Breaded Cod Sandwich with fresh-cut fries is also a fan favorite. Finish off the dinner menu with salads and your choice of appetizers. Bottom line, you have a diversified menu, and you know whatever you order is going to be good.


G&G Restaurant Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability
  • Ambience


My final take. What I love about G&G Restaurant is it is old-fashioned, and it is a throwback. They slow things down and emphasize the old fashion way of serving you. G&G prides itself on making sure every item that leaves the kitchen is a generous portion, full of flavor, and made with love. The service is excellent and after meeting the manager Chris, it does not take long to see what a genuine person he is and his passion for serving the community. It is no secret that this place has been there for 3 generations. They treat you like gold and serve delicious food. What is not to like?


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