Jimmy Wan’s

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One of the most alluring things about pan Asian cuisine is it does not conform to the conventional patterns of modern cooking. People enjoy the plethora of recipes and herbs and spices as a pleasant change of pace from conventional everyday cooking. With all the dining options that are available today, people crave pan Asian cuisine because it is different and magical. When people in the greater Pittsburgh area want the best Pan Asian cuisine, they turn to Jimmy Wan’s. Let us see why!

The cuisine – Jimmy Wan’s uses locally sourced ingredients and labor-intensive old-fashioned processes to create culinary masterpieces. They butcher their own poultry and create their own sauces from scratch. Let us look at some of their dishes.

Peking Duck – This is Jimmy Wan’s signature dish. It features crispy skin duck, sweet plum sauce, and includes four traditional shells.

Triple Green Chicken – This dish has broccoli, asparagus, string beans, red bell pepper, mushroom, and is finished with brown pepper sauce.

Longhorn Pepper Flank Steak – This flavorful cut of meat features shredded flank steak, firm tofu, longhorn pepper, bamboo, scallion, and chili pepper.

Yuzu Yellowtail Sashimi – Jimmy Wan’s is known for their sushi; this dish is a fan favorite. It features Japanese chili, daikon, scallion, and is finished with a Japanese citrus yuzu-soy sauce.

Other menu items – Jimmy Wan’s also has delicious soups and salads, appetizers, and rice noodles. They also have an expansive selection of wine, Japanese sake, and creative cocktails to complement your meal.

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My Final Take

There are a lot of chain restaurants out there that serve food that is serviceable and tasty. Jimmy Wan’s takes it up a notch by promoting family and community-minded values that set small businesses apart from your major restaurant chains. They put an extreme focus on a customer-first mindset and masterfully crafted fresh food, unmatched customer service, and unforgettable meals made-to-order every day. Stop by and see why everyone is talking about Jimmy Won’s!

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