La Palapa, Mexican Cuisine and Mezcal Bar

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Here is a quick tip. If you are on vacation or somewhere you are not familiar with and not sure what kind of cuisine to choose, Mexican is a great option. It is loaded with rich ingredients and spices, offers a vast variety, and is relatively inexpensive. If you are cruising the South Side and are craving Mexican food, La Palapa is your place!

Chef José Luis worked for over 15 years in different restaurants in Puebla, Mexico and around the US. He was trained and practiced in cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, American, Spanish, Portuguese and Mediterranean. He is sure to cook up something that you like!

The food – The menu is extensive but let us look at a few items that caught my interest. The “Carne Asada” features tender and juicy Flank Steak cooked to order with a grilled nopal (cactus), onion, queso fresco, and jalapeño pepper. It is served with rice and roasted potatoes, pinto beans, black beans, sweet plantain, French fries, sauteed veggies or sweet potato fries. The “Puerco con Papas en Chile Morita” uses a juicy pork shoulder cooked with your choice of home-made Morita chili sauce or green sauce mixed with potatoes. It is served with rice and pinto beans, or black beans, or sauteed vegetables. Looking for a safe pick, go with the tacos! Meat options include chicken, chorizo plus potatoes, ground beef, barbacoa, and chipotle pork. They also have vegetarian options including soyrizo, rajas’ con papas, and mushrooms.

Other menu items – La Palapa also has a wide variety of appetizers, salads, soups, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, and vegetarian dishes.

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My Final Take

Like I mentioned previously, it is hard to go wrong with Mexican cuisine. Even the pickiest eaters typically find something they like. This type of food is loaded with flavor!

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