Log Cabin Inn

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Few have seen the aura of a Bull Moose up close and in person. At 7 feet at the shoulder, an antler spread that can reach almost six feet wide, and weighing as much as 1,400 pounds, these animals are a forced to be reckoned. Big game animals are simply majestic. Where am I a going with this? Not sure, but it is a great Segway into this restaurant gem located just north of Zelienople, Pennsylvania.

Just like the imposing big game animals mounted throughout the restaurant, The Log Cabin Inn is serving up big and bold portions full of flavor. The restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere and is serving food that you would get at a fine dining restaurant. Let us see why everyone is talking about the special charm in Harmony, Pennsylvania of the Log Cabin Inn.

Appetizers – The Log Cabin Inn gets creative with its appetizers. You must try the Timber Frites which are French fries, andouille sausage gravy, and pulled pork, it can be a meal in itself. The Fried Calamari features Calamari rings, tavern peppers, and marinara. If you want to go more traditional the New York Style Pretzels are baked to perfection and served with nacho cheese.

Sandwiches – If you are not looking for an entrée, go with a sandwich, they offer a great portion size and are full of flavor! The Big Fish Sandwich (captioned) gives you a large piece of Cod with the cooking option of Yuengling battered or broiled. It is served on a toasted baguette with lettuce and tomato. The Havana Hero is the ultimate Cuban sandwich which features Pulled pork, Canadian bacon, pickles, Creole mustard, Swiss cheese, and rustic boule.

Entrees – If you are looking for the meats, Log Cabin Inn has an 8-ounce Top Sirloin steak, Rack of Lamb, 6-ounce Filet Mignon, and a 14-ounce New York Strip Steak. For more diverse entrees the Log Cabin Inn has a Pork Shank that is Blackened, with bacon and corn cream gravy, pea shoots, smashed redskins and served with one side. The Texas Mac and Cheese features Rigatoni, diced jalapenos, house queso, and pulled pork. If you are looking for Italian the Queen of Italy highlights Burrata mozzarella ravioli, honey roasted pulled chicken, fresh sweet corn, pistachios, brown butter, and basil.

  • Taste and Flavor
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  • Ambience

My final take

Upon entering the Log Cabin Inn, you can immediately see and feel that this place is special. From the old, colonial décor, the mounted big game animals, and its elevated cathedral ceiling, the Log Cabin Inn is exclusive. It is also nestled in the Zelienople area which is a town that takes immense pride in its community and local businesses. Bottom line, you can get a high-quality meal at an affordable price. If you are driving on Interstate 79 and see the sign for the Log Cabin Inn, know you are in for a treat!

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