Lucianos Italian Brick Oven

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Cranberry/Seven Fields/Mars, Pa… An area where once cows and horses ran freely. An area that was predominately farm country providing the agricultural resources to fuel our great nation. Since then, things have changed.

Present day… It is now any area that is growing and bustling with energy. An area where housing plans, stores, and restaurants are popping up everywhere. It is an area where a lot of people want to live and settle down. This area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania gives you access to a ton of resources, proximity to the city, while also giving you the space and room which you simply do not get living in a major city. Cranberry Township’s population is estimated to grow from roughly 30,000 present day, to around 50,000 in the next ten years. The bottom line is this is an area that is growing and on the rise. Let us look at a restaurant that is a popular destination for a multitude of reasons.

Lucianos Italian Brick Oven’s philosophy is “Quality, Value, and Service”. All the items on the menu are cooked to order. You would be surprised how many restaurants re-heat a lot of their menu items. Start off with an appetizer to share. The fried Zucchini is battered, crispy, yet light. Their buffalo wings are fried to perfection, crispy, and have several creative wing sauces to finish this American classic. Lucianos is famous for Italian classics such as calzones and Italian dinners. Purchase the Chicken or Veal Parmesan, and there is a good chance you are coming home with seconds. They even have homemade Wedding Soup. Are you more traditional and just want something simple? They have homemade pizza offering traditional pies which have your standard toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms. They also have gourmet pies such as Buffalo and Barbecue Chicken, Chicago style, gyro, and Hawaiian. You will also find great salads and seafood at this restaurant. All in all, their menu is very extensive and will give you a variety of choices to choose from.

The service and value… Lucianos provides great service to its customers. Upon entering, you are greeted right away, and they will make sure you are satisfied at the table or booth that you are seated. The size of the establishment is extensive, so there is plenty of room. They also offer private parties and banquet bookings. The servers are all well trained and will be at your table frequently and often to make sure your meal is enjoyable from start to finish. What I love about this place is the value. The prices are very reasonable, the food is fresh and delicious, and you will not leave hungry.



Lucianos Italian Brick Oven Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability
  • Ambiance


As always, my final take… I am sure like many, you have been in a situation where you wanted to take friends, family, or out-of-town guests to a restaurant, but you were not sure where to go. You wanted to give them a great meal and atmosphere, but you did not want to take out a second mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit to finance it. Look no further, Lucianos Italian Brick Oven is your place. It has a great atmosphere, delicious food, affordable prices, and as the title says, will deliver in the clutch!


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