Vinny’s Pizza and Restaurant

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John Cougar Mellencamp in the song, “Small Town”, articulates that there may be more opportunities in the big city, but the opportunities to find love and friendship are unmatched in small towns. There is something special about growing up in a small town. Take a moment and look back at your childhood. Do you remember riding bikes, playing in the woods, building sled riding tracks, and playing with your friends? Small towns teach you a sense of community, to help each other, and to pick and build each other up. Growing up in a small town builds and shapes your moral compass and sets the framework for the rest of your life. A lot venture out of a small town to pursue their dreams, and some come back to settle down. What you also learn in a small town is the importance of tradition. Ellwood City has a great tradition and a sense of pride in their community. When residents are hungry and looking for a great meal, they trust the family tradition that the Riccio’s built. Let us look at why Vinny’s Restaurant & Pizzeria is so trusted in the Ellwood City, Lawrence, and Beaver County area.

The Pizza – Vinny’s starts with homemade dough and is hand-tossed. You have the choice of tomato sauce or oil and garlic. The sauce is full of flavor and some say it reminds them of something their grandmother would make. They use traditional mozzarella cheese. It is baked to perfection. Add your favorite topping, there is a bunch of them. Feeling a little bold, try a specialty pizza, the Barbecue, Buffalo, or Veggie to name a few. Looking for deep dish? They also have Sicilian Style pizza as well. Bottom line Vinny’s know pizza.

Vinny’s specializes in Italian cuisine. The Chicken Parmesan (caption) features thin cutlets of chicken. Chicken by nature is lean and can easily dry out. If you get thick chicken breast; they can be very dry. By using thin pieces of chicken, a rich and flavorful homemade sauce, you get a super tasty entrée. Vinny’s also has great calzones and pasta dishes. It is always nice to see Wedding Soup on the menu. Their hoagies which give you the option of a half (6”) or full (12”) are underrated to say the least. How I can tell a good Philly Cheesesteak is if they use Ribeye Steak and the grease should start soaking through the bottom of the sandwich. Their cheesesteak passed both tests.



Vinny’s Pizza and Restaurant Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability
  • Ambiance


My final take. When looking for a place to enjoy a meal, people want an owner and staff they can trust, good food, and a cozy, ambient atmosphere. Vinny’s Restaurant & Pizzeria has all these attributes. It has been a staple in the community for a long time. The Ellwood City and surrounding areas are proud of this family restaurant. When you are there, you feel like family.


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