Monroe Hotel

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How do you get my attention, large portions? I’ll continue to give my advice to individuals wanting a good meal, diners, dives, and hole in the walls a lot of time give you the most bang for your buck. All the new age, eclectic, souped-up menus cost you the consumer money. What’s it about? Good people, good drink, and good food. The pride of Butler County delivered as promised. Appetizer, Chicken Wings, extra crispy, cooked 20 minutes, house T&F Sauce, sweet, garlicky, and the right amount of heat. Delmonico Steak, cooked right, finished with garlic, bacon butter. Italian and seafood platter that features homemade sauces cooked to perfection. Go to pay the bill, and realize it’s far less than you ever imagined. You’ve worked all week, take that extra money you saved and treat yourself, life is short…

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