Muscarella’s Café Italia

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When you think of Italian culture, you think of delicious, homemade food. One of the biggest keys to Italian dishes, like most culinary dishes, is the use of fresh ingredients. A few staple ingredients are tomatoes, which added to a dish not only creates sweetness but tanginess as well. Olive oil, which is versatile in that it is a healthy cooking oil that you can use to cook at high heat, sauté, use a salad dressing, dipping oil, or use as a base for a sauce. Basil, an herb that packs a powerful punch, gives food a distinguishing taste and flavor. Finally, you cannot forget about garlic. Garlic has a potent, delicious flavor which is a superfood due it is abundant vitamins and minerals, healing properties, and ability to reduce cholesterol. Use these base ingredients correctly, add creativity, and you can create amazing Italian dishes. Muscarella’s Café Italia puts these concepts into action creating arguably the best Italian food in Mercer County. Let me show you how you can get fine, Italian dining at jawbreakingly reasonable prices.

The ultimate appetizer – Typical appetizers at most restaurants include Mozzarella/Provolone Sticks, Onion Rings, Fried Zucchini, French Fries, and Bone-in or Boneless Wings. These are all great starters, but Muscarella’s takes it up a notch. The Italian Board/Charcuterie Board (caption) is a combination of aged Italian meats, Italian sharp cheese, mixed olives, and homemade hot vinegar peppers. Sopressata, prosciutto, and calabrese are highly valued because of the time it takes to age/cure the meat and the fact that the amount of meat you are left with after the aging process diminishes. All these ingredients make you feel like you are at an upscale winery, and the kicker is it is only $11.00. Most other places, you are going to pay in the $20 some dollar range. Talk about value!

Muscarella’s features specialty Italian dishes. One of their house specialties is the Chicken Carbonara. It consists of breaded, juicy, Italian chicken breast, crispy pancetta, peas, egg parmesan cream sauce, and bucatini pasta. The highlight of this dish is the sauce, which is luscious and creamy. The Seafood Linguine is also a sought-after specialty dish. In the mood for a steak, the Raykie Ribeye is 16 ounces of black angus beef that is marbled and super flavorful. You can also create your own pasta. There are eleven different pasta types to choose from accompanied by a selection of 13 different sauces. The locals say you cannot leave without a cup of homemade Italian Wedding Soup. Finally, if you want something more traditional, grab a sandwich or specialty salad. The menu gives you a wide variety of selections.


Muscarella’s Café Italia Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability
  • Ambiance


My final take. If you are looking for high-end, gourmet Italian food, an ambient and cozy dining atmosphere, at surprisingly affordable prices, Muscarella’s will not only deliver but will have you telling friends and family that you have to try this place. The customer service is excellent. The staff from hostesses to servers are attentive, personable, and make sure your dining experience is memorable. Numerous people have told me that if you are near the Sharon, PA area, this is a must-try. This place is truly a hidden gem…



  1. We love Muscarellas and have gone there for years . It’s our go to place and have never had a bad meal. We love the owners too! Thanks chef Tim Patton 😍

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