Napa Prime Chophouse

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You know the saying, “when in Rome.” Sometimes, you just want to splurge and be treated like royalty with exceptional cuisine and service. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the downtown restaurants that come to mind are LeMont Restaurant, Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, and Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. All are top-of-the-line places to wine and dine. You know when you go to these places, you are going to get the best quality ingredients cooked by top-notch chefs with impeccable service. Downtown Pittsburgh has so many great places to explore, but perhaps you do not feel like fighting traffic, parking, etc. With this in mind, we are going to explore Napa Prime Chophouse & Cigar Bar conveniently located in Wexford, Pennsylvania. I am going to show you why Napa Prime belongs in the same class as all the other restaurant juggernauts mentioned above. I hope you are hungry!

What makes a steak truly magnificent? – Like most high-end steak houses, it starts with the cut of beef. Napa Prime uses only the finest cuts of USDA prime beef. It is heavily marbled and loaded with flavor.

How a steak is cooked makes a difference – There is a method to cooking a steak, you do not just throw it on a grill or cast-iron skillet and walk away. First, the steak is seared at high temperatures to create a golden-brown crust. Traditional grills you would typically use at home top out in the 400-to-500-degree mark. High-end steak houses such as Napa Prime use industrial cooking technology that is pushing 600 to 800 degrees. Finally, cook the steak to the desired doneness, and let rest to let the juices re-distribute evenly, and you have yourself a steak!

Napa Prime features a 6 or 10-ounce filet mignon, 16-ounce heavily marbled USDA prime ribeye, 14-ounce USDA prime New York strip, and a 40-ounce USDA prime porterhouse. Take it up a notch and order one of their 35-day dry-aged steaks such as the 16-ounce USDA prime tomahawk ribeye (captioned) or the 14-ounce USDA prime New York strip. You can also take it up another level and add on one of their famous sauces – add ons such as half Main lobster.

Other menu items – Start out with a generously portioned salad that can feed two. The lobster mac’n cheese or the diver U-10 sea scallops which are plated over slab bacon with a house-made barbecue sauce are great options for starters. Napa Prime also features delicious 4-hour slow-roasted USDA prime rib. They also have great salmon and lobster if you are a seafood fan. Cannot forget about the rack of lamb which is rubbed with garlic and rosemary and finished with cherry and port wine sauce. Finally, all the deserts are tremendous with one being the Kentucky bourbon butter cake which features rich, buttery pound cake, topped with sugar bourbon glaze and sliced strawberries. You do not have to be a steak lover to enjoy a great meal at Napa Prime.

Napa Prime Chophouse Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability - Entree range - $35-$60, appetizer range $15-$20
  • Ambiance


My final take – What I like about Napa Prime is what you see is what you get. Having been to a lot of restaurants, I appreciate honesty and transparency. The menu is easy to read, diversified, and the prices are right in front of you so there is no questioning anything. The ambience and service are terrific and everything you would expect when dining at a high-end restaurant. They have an extensive wine list, a bar area, and a unique Cigar bar that you can enjoy. You can tell the owners take extreme pride in attention to detail everywhere you look. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line dining experience, Napa Prime Chophouse & Cigar Bar will deliver!

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