Osso’s Original Pizza

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Washington, Pennsylvania, the juncture where Interstates 79 and 70 meet. Whether you are traveling west to Wheeling or Columbus, south to Morgantown, or far east to Washington D.C., you have driven by or through the county seat of Washington County. A growing county where taxes are low, it is home to The Meadows Racetrack and Casino, Tangor Outlets, Southpoint Golf Club, and many other attractions. It is also home to some hidden restaurant gems that have been around for over a half of a century. One of these restaurant gems that Washington County faithful’s are saying you must try is Osso’s Original Pizza. Yours truly puts on the monocle and travels to Washington County to investigate!

Pizza in general! – It is extremely versatile, inexpensive, and full of flavor. Surprisingly, it did not start becoming popular until World War II. Fast forward to present day and now nearly three billion pizzas are sold in the United States alone each year.

Osso’s pizza – For over 70 years Osso’s Original Pizza has been pumping out their famous pizza consisting of a recipe that is flavorful, yet surprisingly simple. At first glance it may seem like very thin cut, New York style pizza. However, the crust is thicker than it looks, is homemade, and has a crispy crunch with every bite. It is thick enough to fill you up, but still gives you the feeling of eating a thin crust pizza. The sauce is homemade, not overpowering, and complements what makes this pizza great. The cheese is rich and freshly grated. The extra cheese is manageable and delicious. Finally, they finish it off with the super sharp and flavorful Romano cheese to give it a bite!

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My Final Take

When it comes to pizza, most of the battle is won by using fresh ingredients. Osso’s Original Pizza kneads this philosophy into their pizza in all aspects. It is old school, their menu is simple but effective, and everything they serve is plain and simply delicious!

Washington County, PA is a hard-working area that takes pride in its small towns, farming, and sense of community. They appreciate the hard work and attention to detail Osso’s put into their regionally famous pizza. What you put into something is what you get out of it. As anyone in an agricultural area will tell you, “You plant corn, you get corn.”

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