Rumors Tavern

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For most of its 200-year history Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania was mostly farmland where cows and horses grazed and roamed the territory. Fast forward to present day and it is one of the most sought out, in-demand places to live in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. With a population of 30,000 people, expected to grow to 50,000 over the next decade, Cranberry Township is the place to be. With this type of hype comes a lot of places to dine, and yours truly always has something up his sleeve venturing slightly off the beaten path to open your eyes to another hidden gem!  Residents of Cranberry Township and Beaver County are saying that Rumor’s Tavern is a nice meeting place to enjoy great food and drink. Let us take a further look!

The atmosphere – Rumor’s Tavern offers a welcoming, relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere. They pride themselves on serving delicious bar food. Throughout the week, customers enjoy DJ’s, Karaoke, and live music.

Appetizers – The appetizer list is extensive. Rumors has your basic appetizers such as mozzarella wedges, onion rings, and jalapeno poppers. They also offer options such as Pot Sticker’s which are chicken and vegetable dumplings grilled with onions and finished with a side of sweet soy dipping sauce. The Loaded Tater-Totchos are tater tots topped with cheddar cheese sauce, jalapenos, black olives, tomatoes, and are finished with sour cream and salsa. You also have the option to add bacon which is a must for only a dollar more.

Chicken Wings (Captioned) – The base and key to a high-end Chicken Wing is they need to be fried until they are extra crispy, and the chicken needs to be fresh. Rumors accomplishes both of these aspects and delivers on providing you a generous sized, extra meaty chicken wing. They have an ample amount of wing sauces. Some interesting and intriguing wing sauce selections are Kentucky bourbon, hot butter garlic, and Cajun, parmesan, ranch dry rub.

Entrée’s/sandwiches – If you like burgers, try one of their specialty burgers such as the Pub Burger which is an 8-ounce burger patty topped with onions sauteed in Guinness beer, provolone cheese, and bacon. If it is a sandwich, you are after, the Rachel is thinly sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing served on Rye bread with your choice of coleslaw or sauerkraut. If it is a full entrée, you are after, the chicken and steak fajitas are strips of N.Y. strip steak or chicken cooked with red and green peppers, onions, grated cheese, and is served with lettuce, tomato, salsa, and sour cream.

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My Final Take

The main artery if you are entering or leaving Cranberry Township from the west is Freedom Road. Rumors Tavern is located on Rochester Road which runs parallel to Freedom Road. If you are traveling west from Route 19, most people would typically have turned off Rochester Road before they reach Rumors Tavern as it is located slightly past the end of Cranberry Township/beginning of Beaver County. If you decide to take the venture down the peaceful, country road, this is a great place if you are looking to grab a bite to eat and or have a drink. It is a bar but has ample tables and booths to enjoy a meal. In a time where wineries and brewery’s are trending, it is still nice to go to an old school bar occasionally!

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