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Don Yannessa, the legendary high school football coach was quoted in “Tough Times, the Aliquippa 1986 Documentary”, produced by Ryno Production, by saying that “Aliquippa is in my blood, just like it is in the blood of almost everyone that ever came from that town. I have never talked to many people that were raised in Aliquippa that were not proud to be from Aliquippa.” If you grew up in or around Aliquippa, PA, you know that losing is not an option. This is not only true for sports, but in anything in life that you pursue. Talk to some to some of the success stories from around the area Ty Law, Darrelle Revis, Mike Ditka, and Sean Gilbert to name a few. I will bet they tell you that their journey was not easy, and they had to fight and overcome adversity to be winners.

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania is known for many things, one of them, being delicious ethnic food. There are still traditional catering companies that to this day, have withstood the test of time, and are carrying on the winning legacy of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania by serving delicious, ethnic food. Some catering companies that are legends in the area are Metro Catering and Beyond Parsley, who for a long time have delivered consistent and delicious food to weddings, banquets, and various events around the area. Today, we are going to explore another juggernaut, Roma Catering, and see why on Thursdays and Sundays, Beaver Countians flock to order their mouthwatering Italian cuisine.

If you talk to any successful Italian chef, they will tell you, the key to delightful food is love and pride. Combines these traits with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, you have the foundation to create a culinary masterpiece. Roma Catering embraces this philosophy and specializes in rustic, Italian dishes. Let us take a closer look.

One of Roma’s signature dishes is the Eggplant Parmesan. The key to this dish is the sauce. If you have ever had Eggplant Parmesan you may notice that the Eggplant gets lost in a sea of sauce. You may also notice that it is overcooked and over breaded. Roma’s avoids all these mishaps by using traditional and contemporary ingredients to create a sauce that is full of flavor and has a consistent texture that is not runny. How many times have you ever had runny spaghetti sauce? It plain and simply ruins the dish. Finally, the fresh Eggplant combined with the right number of breadcrumbs brings everything together. If you are not a fan of Eggplant, try this dish, you may still love it!

Roma’s is also famous for their various pasta dishes. Nothing against store-bought pasta noodles, as they are very serviceable. However, there is nothing like fresh, homemade pasta noodles from the old country. It is simply all about the dough. It needs to be smooth, worked thoroughly, and then rolled through the machine. Roma’s pasta dishes use super fresh pasta and combine it with their rich and flavorful sauce to produce dishes such as homemade spaghetti, rigatoni, ravioli, and linguini. They also give you the option to add meats such as sausage, meatballs, and chicken.

Roma’s also has homemade wedding soup. If you are craving a sandwich, they have them in Sausage or Meatball well. Occasionally they will feature specials such as Roast Chicken, Pork Chops, Roast Beef, and other unique dishes. You can even purchase their homemade sauce by itself and create your own unique dish.

Roma Catering Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability


My final take. Let us be honest, people want what they cannot have. Yes, you can contact Roma to cater your next event and they will deliver. However, if you are just trying to get takeout, they are only open on Thursdays and Sundays. This makes the demand to order their homemade, authentic Italian cuisine extraordinary. Why wouldn’t you want to get tasty, traditional Italian food for a reasonable price? If you talk to people around the area and it is a Thursday or Sunday, your dinner is from Roma’s, no questions asked!

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