The Front Door Tavern

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What makes a good ‘burger?  The right blend of beef preferably ground chuck – don’t be shy – throw a little bit of brisket in there if you want.  Toast the bun because it protects the burger.  Find your favorite cheese (no offense to American) but there is all kind of options out there, so get creative.  Want to take it up a notch? Grill and caramelize onions. Lightly salt the tomato.  Season, season, season!  The first part is cooked in, the second part right before the ‘burgers come off the grill.  Grill, piping hot, little oil on the meat to make sure it doesn’t stick.  Brush some butter on it right before it comes off.  Bottom line, you can be super creative with making a cheeseburger.  Heck, my supervisor even suggested buying Quaker Steak and Lube’s Louisiana Licker sauce and putting it on a ‘burger a few minutes before it comes off the grill.  Now let’s dive into how the Front Door Tavern is putting its own spin on the cheeseburger.

Back to basics. The Front Door Tavern uses fresh ingredients from local small businesses.  The meat is cut and prepared fresh daily by Weaver’s Market.  The produce comes from Beaver County Fruit Company, and they use bread from Mancini’s in McKee’s Rocks.  The deli meats and cheeses are sliced fresh daily.  Bottom line, the final product starts with a solid foundation.



The first thing I want to mention about their cheeseburger is the size. It’s 12 ounces or 3/4 of a pound.  Most decent-sized ‘burgers at a restaurant are 8 ounces.  Some are 1/3 pound or 6 ounces depending on where you go.  The Front Door gives you a big portion!  Very reasonably priced.  The meat is lean but juicy.  Take a look at the options on how you can build and create your own culinary masterpiece.  Keep in mind, I’m somewhat picky. I went with bacon, provolone sticks, and pepper jack cheese.  At the Front Door, you can put endless options on your ‘burger and how you can customize it – it’s truly unique.  Also, I have to mention, for an extra $1.50 you can add fries.  I should also break down the fries.  They are beer-battered, juicy, and they can sit and still hold moisture…bonus points!  A lot of restaurants are serving burgers/sandwiches with chips nowadays.  Strictly an opinion, I want French fries. It complements the sandwich.

The Front Door Tavern Final Take:


My final take. This is one of those places that has character and is a value pick. It focuses on food.  From what I hear, they have a great wing night on Mondays with a 45 cent wing special.  The atmosphere is unique, old-school bar, with tables, somewhat off the beaten path.  It’s places like these that you can get great food for a reasonable price.  The staff are friendly with great personalities.  I give it my culinary stamp of approval!

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