Sienna Mercato

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The fan-favorite, Sienna Mercato located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Long gone are the days of Steel a Town belching thick, dark smoke from the Bessemer Converter’s that gives The Steel City its nickname. Since it’s redefined itself into a Medical and Scientific hub on a list for potential Amazon Headquarters. Never met a female or anyone for that matter that didn’t like this place. Meatballs on floor one, Pizza on 2, and the famous Rooftop Bar on floor 3. Meatballs, trendy, variety, solid, and with a Chef’s kick. You can get 4 Meatballs, gourmet with different selections of Meat and Sauce for under $15. Upscale but doesn’t break the Bank. And fellas, early in dating, the Rooftop Bar is a great pick. I’m not saying she’ll want a ring, but you’ll be off to a good start…

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