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Little Italy, a much-anticipated stop. Arguably Pittsburgh’s best Burger and a Pittsburgh staple for the past 25 years. Let’s break down why Tessaros may be the best. First of all, not many restaurants have their own in-house Butcher that grinds out their marble to meat ratio and uses a custom, crafted Iron Grill coaxing rivulets of juices into the flames. I know technically Hamburgers are supposed to be cooked through, but they cook it to your liking, if you want more Red maybe double up on your Probiotics. The meat is cooked perfectly, surprisingly they don’t toast the bun, but it’s great quality bread. It’s an old-school, classic Burger that keeps people coming back. The setting is authentic, the waiters and waitresses are knowledgeable. The manager is also very interactive and gives you that hometown feel. Nothing against Burgatory, Five Guys, etc., they all have great Burgers, Tessaros just has that authentic, Pittsburgh feel. Old things have character. Side note, take a look at that Bacon…

Tessaro’s Final Take:

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