The Windhaven Lounge

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Something that we can all be proud of living in the good ole US of A is our tremendous patriotism. It is here in the United States of America that you are not judged by who your parents are or who you know, but by what you do. This is one of the many reasons that our country is so great in that you can chase your dream through hard work and perseverance. Our ancestors, veterans, and active service have paid and pay the ultimate sacrifice in fighting and defending our freedom. The Wind Haven Bar and Grille in Cranberry Township has American written all over it. An establishment that is proud supporters of our troops and has a tough, hardworking, blue-collar customer base. Let us see why a lot of locals in the area are calling this one of the hidden gems of Cranberry.

The atmosphere – First things first, it is smoker friendly. Wind Haven Bar and Grille is a bar that you can smoke in. It is old school, if this bothers you, this place may not be for you. That does not mean, however, that you cannot order delicious take-out. The crowd and the regulars are honest, straight-to-the-point people that are engaging and love great conversation. This place specializes in great food and nightlife. They have open mic nights with a DJ. They are also the only bar in Cranberry with pool tables. Growing up in Beaver County with my peak bar years being from 2004 to 2009, this place brought me back to my youth.

The food – Windhaven has your typical bar food, but where they differentiate themselves is in food preparation and food quality. They put their unique spin on certain items as well. For instance, how many places can you get a deep-fried twinkie? Let us explore!

The burger – Windhaven understands the principles of a delicious burger starts with the burger patty itself. They use top-quality ground meat that has enough fat content to keep the burger juicy and from not shrinking once on the flat top. The juice literally pours out of this delicious burger upon the first bite. They have a few specialty burgers, however, the most appealing in my opinion is the option of creating your own burger. Start out with your choice of cheese, American, provolone, swiss, cheddar, pepper jack, or blue cheese crumbles. Next comes the veggies, sauteed of course. Pick from mushrooms, peppers, onions, banana peppers, or jalapenos. Now let us have some fun with the meats! Your choices include bacon, ham, kielbasa, fried egg, tater tot, and onion rings. Let us be honest, burgers are meant to be delicious, not healthy.

Other menu items – Wind Haven also has other delicious menu items. They have delicious, fresh, and crispy chicken wings with a variety of wet sauces and dry rubs. Their wing night is on Mondays and currently on that day wings are around $0.55 per wing which is super cheap nowadays. Grab an appetizer, sandwich, or salad. The Wind Haven Sampler features a plethora of different options which include buffalo fingers, cheese sticks, popcorn shrimp, onion rings, and tater tots. Their Hand-Cut Ribeye Steak Salad features the most flavorful cut of steak with the options of Cajun seasoning, Montreal steak seasoning, or plain. The King Reuben features corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, 1000 Island dressing with a base bread of marble rye. There is something for everyone at Wind Haven!

The Windhaven Lounge Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability – Appetizers $2.50 - $10.50 Entrees $7.00 - $13.00
  • Ambiance


My final take – I love places that have good people and a ton of character. Wind Haven eliminates all the unnecessary items such as fancy menus, complex terminology, and extravagant drink glasses that at the end of the day you pay for. Their drinks are super affordable, and the food is delicious and will not break the bank. If you are passing Windhaven Bar and Grille on route 19 stop in for a drink and bite to eat or simply order takeout. Does yours truly ever lead you astray?

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