Tom’s Bar

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Take a moment and stop and think about your favorite dive bar, past or present. I am willing to bet that it has something special that makes you feel welcome and keeps you coming back. Is it the unmatched character of the old bar memorabilia and the junk plastered all over the walls? Is it the cracks in the wall, cigarette burns on the bar, or the weather-beaten signs on the exterior that tells you the place has been around and enjoyed? Or is it the inexpensive drinks and no B.S. attitude? Bottom line, no matter what your favorite part is, your favorite watering hole has been around and relished for quite some time. Tom’s Bar in Greensburg is no different. Let us see why the locals are saying that this bar has earned “legendary” status.

The atmosphere – First things first, it is smoker friendly. It is a bar in which you can smoke. It is old school, if this bothers you, this place may not be for you. That does not mean however, that you cannot order delicious take out. The crowd and the regulars are honest, straight to the point people that are engaging and love enjoyable conversation. The walls are covered with photos of Pittsburgh Steeler legends. Bill Cowher was even a regular during past Steeler training camps.

Importance of a drinker’s bar – The bar is a rectangular shape which is important because it lets you engage in conversation with everyone sitting at the bar. If you have a hotel type bar which is straight across it is hard to have conversations with people that are not sitting right next to you. Also, with a drinker’s bar comes strong language. The F Bombs fly freely.

The pizza – Turina’s Pizza & Subs located in the back of Tom’s Bar pumps out delicious pizza pies that that the locals say, are underrated to say the least. The crust is thin, and the dough is made fresh daily. The sauce is rich and flavorful, and lightly applied, which does not overpower the pizza. There is a plethora of toppings to choose from which include Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Hot Sausage, Onion, Black Olives, Green Olives, Jalapeno Peppers, Banana Peppers, Anchovies, Extra Cheese, Ham, Thick Crust, and Bacon. They also have variety specialty pies as well such as Steak, Hawaiian, and Sicilian Deep Dish.

Other menu items – Turina’s also has great subs such as the Italian, Steak, and Meatball Subs. If you want to go a little bit healthier try one of the salads which includes Taco, Chicken, or Steak Salads. They also have delicious Stromboli’s, Wings, and finger foods/appetizers. You can even get a gyro or Shrimp Basket.

  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Ambience

My final take

I love places that have good people and a ton of character. Tom’s Bar eliminates all the unnecessary items such as fancy menus, complex terminology, and extravagant drink glasses that at the end of the day you pay for. Their drinks are super affordable, and the food is delicious and will not break the bank. Most people in this area do not want overly priced drinks or expensive food with diminishing value. What they do want is fair prices on food and drink for their hard-earned money. Tom’s Bar has been a staple in the community for a long time. It is consistent and has not seen much change over the years, which is how they want it. It is no surprise this place has been termed, “legendary.”


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