Villa Di Pizza

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What could be more unique or have more tradition than Villa Di Pizza and founding father the Legend himself, “Chubby”. Since 1955, it’s been pumping out Old School, Thin Cut, made from scratch goodness. The signs in the establishment themselves are unique and legendary. Chubby and new ownership don’t put up with B.S. Good people, but they’ll let you know quickly if they’re disrespected or you don’t follow the rules of the establishment. If you haven’t been here, you have to go, I’m not going to say anymore so I don’t ruin it for you. Here’s what I think I know about the Pizza. Thin Cut, homemade everything. Sweet Sauce, secret spices, and the cheese is or is part Provolone for extra taste finished off with a Parmesan or Romano. One of my completely random favorite signs/quotes, “A woman is as Strong as an Oak, but she always needs some Sap to support her.” Chubby…


Villa Di Pizza Final Take:

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