Zooky’s Sports Tavern

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Fallston, Pennsylvania, nestled deep in the heartland of Beaver County.  I’ve been hearing for ages that you have to try the wings at Zooky’s Sports Tavern.  If you talk to our parent’s generation (I’m 35), they’ll tell you that chicken wings were actually not at all in demand back in the day; they would give them away or simply throw them out.  Now they are more in demand than ever, sporting events, parties, wing nights, etc.  I’m willing to bet if you asked 10 females if they want to get wings, at least 7 say yes.  Let’s break down what makes Zooky’s regionally famous wings such a fan favorite.


The first thing that caught my eye and made an instant impression on the menu, “Please allow 20 minutes.”  Anytime you get a warning that it’s going to take some time to cook, take this as a super plus.  Much like Harrington’s in McDonald, PA, WPXI’s Best Wing in Pittsburgh in 2012 and 2014, frying a wing for over 15 minutes is essential to cook it through and put a nice crispy, crunch on it.  Ever have a soggy wing? No fun.  Chicken is fresh and not frozen; ever have a veiny/bloody wing?  Good chance it was frozen before dropping into the fryer. Size, big, a lot of meat on the bone, but not ridiculously big that makes it hard to cook through.  Zooky’s offers a variety of sauces. I had the hot parmesan which had a nice kick to it, but not overpowering.  Points for extra sauce at the bottom of the basket to dip.  Eating chicken wings is supposed to be fun and whether you’re with friends or on a date, set the expectation is that it’s going to get a little messy.  I’m not saying fling sauce on her, but you get the picture.  These wings are fair priced, going for a little under $12 a dozen.  Wings are in demand and average market value is around $1 a wing give or take.

Zooky’s Sports Tavern Final Take:


My final take is that Zooky’s has been serving Beaver County and neighboring areas for over 40 years.  The restaurant business is not easy, and in a tough market like Beaver County with hardworking and loyal people, they expect good food and good service.  Zooky’s has the atmosphere, it’s clean, plenty of room, and their outdoor bar and patio is one of the best places in Beaver County to catch a game on one of their giant flat screens. The parking situation is also adequate. Zooky’s staff were all extremely friendly.  From what I’ve heard, all the food on the menu – not just their wings – is solid.  All in all, the reputation is battle-tested and it lives up to all the hype.

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