Luanne’s Route 68

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Industry, Pennsylvania, with the Bruce Mansfield smoke stack elevating 950 feet above the rolling hills of Beaver County, you can feel the energy, literally, in this part of the Valley.  The Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station and Bruce Mansfield Power Plant provide major sources of energy.  The construction of the new cracker plant has the locals buzzing.  Previous establishments in this area included the famous fish at the Midway Grill, and the legendary Kobuta Hotel.  Luanne’s Route 68 is known for solid food, it also is a big lunch/dinner option for workers at both power plants.


I’ve been hearing from numerous sources that Luanne’s has enormous steak and chicken salads.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.  My normal positive reinforcement is a lot of steak/chicken salads do not have enough French fries on them.  That’s clearly not the case by observing this culinary masterpiece.  They start out with a built-in appetizer, the breadstick.  Nothing against Olive Garden, whose breadsticks I enjoy, but this takes it up a level.  It’s fresh, it’s piping hot out of the oven, and it’s got its own blend of seasoning.  What am I getting at it, they put work into it and it’s a great intro into the entrée.  Being completely honest, for most, this is at least two meals. It’s a monster.  You get two huge sides of the dressing of your choice as well.  Bottom line, it’s a great value pick.



Luanne’s is also known there their Tuesday wing nights.  Each wing is only 50 cents.  Take it from a wing connoisseur; they are fresh, crispy, and have a variety of unique sauces. Equalize it with a side of ranch to make for a great culinary experience.  You always know it’s a good sign when the menu mentions their food is made to order.  “Please be patient, your food is being made to perfection.”  Good things in life require time and effort, and it’s worth the wait.

Luanne’s Route 68 Final Take:


Final take, I love places like this. They have character.  It has a country/biker-friendly theme, and country music is usually blaring through the speakers.  Prices are typically going to be under the average of what you would pay to dine out.  With the rising cost of dining out and food prices in general, it’s nice to have these options around.  Everyone from staff to customers were all friendly.  Good food, good people, what’s not to like?

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