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New York City, the Big Apple, the largest city in the USA. To give you an idea of the size of New York City, it is roughly twice as big population-wise as the 2nd largest city, Los Angeles, California. Think about that for a minute. That is a lot of people! New York City is known for many things, one of them being pizza.

New York Style Pizza has the characteristics of being hand-tossed, thin crust, and is rather large compared to traditional-style pizza. The crust is thick and crisp along the edge, but soft, thin, and pliable in the middle. It is soft enough to be folded in half to eat. To the best of my knowledge in the Pittsburgh metro area, New York Style Pizza can be somewhat difficult to find, and even more difficult to order it by the slice. Let me show you one place that I found where you can order it by the slice, Mama Lucia.

Since 1974, Mama Lucia has been serving the North Hills their regionally famous New York Style Pizza. The crust is thick and soft along the edge and crunchy in the middle. The sauce is rich and flavorful and lightly applied, which does not overpower the pizza. The cheese is sharp, do yourself a favor and add the sprinkled parmesan on it after to finish your slice. The X Factor is that you can walk in and order it by the slice, which as mentioned before, is rare to find in the Steel City.

Mama Lucia Final Take:
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Portion Size
  • Affordability
  • Ambiance


As always, my final take. Being on the go a lot and well past the fast-food stage, I am always looking for quick and flavorful food. This is a great post-workout meal. You order, they heat it up in the oven, and in 5 minutes you have great tasting pizza. If you have the chance to order the Buffalo Chicken Pizza by the slice or pie, do it, you will not be disappointed. Do try this hidden gem if you are in the Wexford area.

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